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Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

It is this focus on providing the perfect tourism experience that is helping to drive one of Africa’s top conservation success stories. Here in Uganda, gorillas are benefiting from being at very heart of a well-oiled tourism machine. The trackers who take the tourists into the forests remove poachers’ snares that, though placed in the under growth to capture antelopes and other small animals, have also been known to entangle gorillas, some times with fatal consequences. Additionally, the fees tourists pay to track gorillas-currently $ 600 in Uganda, compared with $750 across the border in Rwanda- help to fund the ranger patrols and veterinary projects that have helped bring mountain gorillas back from the brink of extinction. Put simply, if you visit Uganda’s gorillas, you not only get once in a life time experience for your self, you’re also helping ensure the long-term survival of an iconic species. How many other holidays can offer you that? Crucially, however, it’s not just the gorillas that are benefitting. Indeed, just as Uganda has been good to its native mountain gorillas, so too have the gorillas been good to Uganda.

Mgahinga gorilla national park Although it’s the smallest of Uganda’s national parks at just 34 km, mgahinga gorilla national park punches well above its weight. It is found south west corner of the country, the tropical rain forest cloaks three dramatic extinct volcanoes and along with the contiguous parc national des volcans in Rwanda and parc national des virungas in the DRC which together with mgahinga form the virunga conservation area.

This is a home of half of the world’s mountain gorilla’s population. Elephants, buffaloes and serval are rarely seen. Birds can also be seen here through the forest including Rwenzori turaco and mountain black boo boo.

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